In 2019, Our client’s ticket sales at launch week are up by an incredible 20%. As you know a strong launch increases sales exponentially during the course of the pre-sale campaign.


Event Advocate can run your marketing campaign at a fraction of an agency price. We leverage ads for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat ads as well as Google Adwords, Retargeting and Geotargeting.
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Automated Marketing & Promotion

Event Advocates’ ticketing is baked in with Ice Cream Social. 

Turn ticket buyers into promoters by incentivizing our to invite their friends through advanced FaceBook and  Gmail invites using dynamic ticket/ product links, which integrates seamlessly into our checkout confirmation page.

Using incentives like "Get a ticket if you get five friends to buy, or a bottle of wine, T-Shirt, etc."  increases your overall online sales by 10-20% + but also grow your customer database and improve the relationship of existing and new customer base.

Sell more tickets and capture more contacts. The data of the purchaser, the customers, invited, and anyone who clicks on the unique link placed on timelines is collected. Specifically,  name, email address, geo-location, and conversions get collected.


Abandoned Cart Resale Strategies

According to Baynard Institute, over 68% of online shopping carts get abandoned.  Essentially this means you need 312 visitors to start the checkout process to have just 100 of  those customers to complete it.

Imagine you sell 100 tickets a day with 68% of your carts abandoned; meaning around 68% of lost sales daily! If your company can recover 9% of these 100 sales, at an average order value of $20, you would be making an extra $122 a day, $3,794.40 a month, and a staggering $45,532 more per year!  

After a guest leaves tickets in the cart as they leave your site, we can send a reminder email two hours later and then special offers every two days for no more than six emails.

Email Marketing Campaigns

To get more “click to opens, it’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. Event Advocate will test, rewrite and test again before sending. Event Advocate will help personalize your email blasts, which will increase clicks, sharing and conversion.

Your emails will appear to be sent from a real person, not your event. Things like presetting the preview text, writing clear and clickable subject lines, keeping the copy concise and making it easy for the guest to share the communication with friends will ensure maximum impact. 


Outreach Marketing


They say that having boots on the ground is outdated. Great, then we will be the only ones doing it. All it takes is a little elbow grease. This sample list below is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Flyer/ Poster Distribution To Local Businesses and Colleges 
  • Flyer/ Poster Distribution To Festivals
  • Info Vending at Festivals
  • Partnering with Music/ Event Promoters
  • Target demographic friendly businesses
  • Charitable Organizations Partnerships.