how to: Managing Your Account

Managing Your Account:

You have Access to Change:

  • Upgrading your Tickets
  • Switch
  • Transfer your Ticker to a Friend.

Go To The Ticket Portal

On the upper right-hand corner of the ticket portal
Click “Have an Account?”
Use the email and password you inputted when
purchasing your tickets.

This is Your Home Page

To Change an Order
1. Select a Ticket
2. Press the “Gear Icon”
3. Dowpdown will Appear
4. Choose “Change Order”

Change Order Page

To TRANSFER an Order
1. Select Transfer ticket(s) to a friend
To CHANGE your Email/Phone Number on your Order
1. Select Change Information
To UPGRADE an Order
1. Select Upgrade ticket(s)
1. Switch to a different event

Transfer Ticket(s) To a Friend Page

After completing the transfer process,
your tickets will be canceled, and
the recipients will be emailed instructions
on how to redeem their tickets. Please have whoever check their Spam Folder
and Email Searchbar with “Nightmare Festival”

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