We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your business grow!

Event Advocate started because we believe more in honesty than profits. We want all of our clients and customers to feel relaxed with us. We go far and beyond to make everything run smoothly. Just in our ticket reporting, we have it so organized you can find everything with ease. We can handle everything from the conception of your event/ festival to the very end by managing your gates to cash management.

Todd Hurley
Founder CEO/ CSO

Todd Hurley has been in the event business for over 15 years. He understands every aspect of the ticketing process. Todd knows when situations look skewed and has determined everyone in the ticketing process to feel relieved and relax. He cares about his clients and their needs. He tends to clients’ needs for having a smooth operation at the front gates/doors. He knows people do not like to wait. He has his timing down to perfection. He also has run his own events for several years, his understanding is top notch.

Adriane Beveridge
Founder COO

Adriane started in the “Carney World” when she was 14. She knows what it takes to work long hours and make the client not to worry. She went on to be a cosmetologist for over 25 years running multiple salons, numerous salon events. PR & marketing plus directing commercials for salons. While she was running all this, she also went back to school and received a  degree in Visual Communications. She understands how stressful ticketing and running events can be.  When meeting Todd, they partnered in operating onsite for events across the East Coast.  She runs the cash management and back end of the system.