Before your event, Event Advocate will access your event site. With our 20+ years of event experience, we can advise you as to the correct positions of gates by determining, people are coming from, what parking lots close first and where to put signage, personnel, and queues. Troubleshooting upfront prevents costly discoveries on the day of your event.

    Our seasoned professionals handle these guests with care and escalate to a manager if the customer is not pleased. Our platform is operational on both Android and iOS, and which can scan online or offline mode for low Internet areas.

    We All Know  – WiFi loves to Crash at Events!

    Over the years, we have collected the Best of the Best in Event Front Gate Professionals. Our team has a passion for making people happy amidst the chaos. From greeters to cashierstechnicians to management,  who love to take care of YOUR customers. So you can focus on the other parts of the Event.

    Event Advocate has an exceptional team, who have experience in handling thousands of customers. Friendly transactions executed in seconds. Integrated on-site sales and box office solution means Event Advocate can monitor, and so can you!
    Few days prior to your event, we will meet you on the event site. We will advise you as to the correct positions of gates by how many people are coming & where to place entrances and exits. Also, signage, personnel, and queue locations. Troubleshooting upfront prevents costly discoveries!